Making positive change one step at a time from the inside out.

21 Days, 21 Dollars, At Your Own Pace.

(but with access to LIVE support)  

Will you be making a change for the better this year?

WAIT!  Watch this first.

Let's be real, becoming more CALM, CONFIDENT and STRONG doesn't happen overnight AND it needs to start on the inside working its' way out.

That's why we've created a 21-Day Challenge that focuses on small actionable steps that include delicious foods and restorative yoga building up to a big change from the INSIDE OUT.

Each week, we guide you with easy-to-follow meal plans and simple yoga movements that will help you feel your best self from the inside out.

The Yoga

Restorative yoga is not about getting an intense workout, though you can if you want to, but rather about moving your body in a way that allows it to function and move at its' best.

The guided daily yoga practice during the 21-Day Challenge lasts anywhere from five to fifteen minutes per day and can be done from the comfort of your own home and without any special equipment.

Your guide, Irena Miller, will be with you every step of the way through live and pre-recorded videos.  Her calm demeanor and passion for helping others will give you a sense of calm that will empower you.

The Food

Each week's meal plan is designed to support different goals that all lead to the same end: feeling your best self from the inside out.

Samantha only uses whole nutrient dense foods and recipes that are simple and totally delicious; your kids will even eat them.  Each week, she provides you with:

  • A Meal Plan
  • An Itemized Grocery List
  • Step-By-Step Prep Day Instructions (so you can prep ahead)
  • AND, each individual recipe

In addition to the week's meal plan, you will also receive daily suggestions on what to eat when, just in case you want a little more inspiration. 

The Support

Each day during the challenge, you will receive an email with a daily inspiration quote, that days restorative yoga practice, suggested daily menu and additional links to any FB Lives, articles or discussions that might be of help.

The Friday before the next week, we will send you the next week's menu so you can be prepared.

You also have access to the PRIVATE FB GROUP just for those in the Challenge.  From there, we will be doing at least 3 FB Lives per week with cooking demos, yoga practices and more.

So, just so you don't miss it, this program includes:

  • 3 Weeks of Easy-to-follow Meal Plans with Prep Guides
  • 21-Days of Simple Guided Restorative Yoga Practice
  • A Private FB Support Group
  • 9 FB Lives within the Private Group
  • Daily Support via Email with Direct Links to Everything You Need to Feel Calm, Confident and Strong.

Program Overview

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Finding CALM, begins in the GUT.

ADD foods that support gut health.

MOVE in a way the get's your digestion to flow easily.

REDUCE bloating, burping, constipation and diarrhea. 



Becoming more CONFIDENT, means reducing INFLAMMATION.

FEED your joints and muscles so that they move easier.

BECOME more confident in your movements.

FOCUS on moving with less pain.




Feeling STRONG, comes when we lower STRESS.

INCREASE foods that support mental well-being and brain health.

MANAGE stress with simple movements and breath.

FEEL stronger and ready to face your daily challenges.

It is so much more fun when you're not doing it alone. 

We are honored to be your guides.


Samantha Rodgers

Samantha (aka Sam) is the founder and "mom behind the plans" at Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty.  Supporting families and individuals who want to improve how they eat with done-for-you weekly meal plans with prep guides.

As an expert in process change management with a deep-rooted belief that whole foods are best, Sam shows you how to shop, prep and eat incredible nutrient dense foods without spending hours a day in the kitchen.  Her process is easy to follow and takes the stress of meal planning off her clients shoulders.

Sam is passionate about sharing her food and feeding as many people as possible.  In her effort to change the world through food, she takes part in events, podcast interviews and speaking engagements around the country.


Irena Miller

Irena Miller, is the playfulness behind She is an intuitive yoga coach who teaches LIVE Virtual bite-sized yoga classes where you can be seen and receive real-time feedback!

Whether you’re new to yoga or limited on time, Irena has the right moves in 30 minutes or less, for you. With over 20 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, she still loves to see the light turn on in her students’ eyes after a yoga practice.

Irena has been featured in Runner’s World, Spark People, and was a speaker at the Boss Mom Retreat. She is certified at the Experienced-500 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. With time so precious and rare, she creates a practice that will get you into the rhythm of the season and bring harmony to your world.

The 21-Day Healthy Inside Out Challenge is going LIVE!

21 Days, 21 Dollars, At Your Own Pace.  

(with access to LIVE support)

Will you be making a change for the better this year?