4 Foundations for a Rich Full Life

Today's post is a guest post that I couldn't be more excited about.  Nicole Keating, from The Art of Epic Wellness Podcast is one of my top picks for podcasts this year.  She share her thoughts and insight on how to live an epic life, as well as, the insight of her guests.  

Nicole's newest venture, The Epic Rituals Boot Camp is a course that gives you the tools and support to make epic changes in your life.  Her core foundation revolves around building sustainable rituals around 4 key principles.  I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have and if you want more, click on the links in this post.

Nicole Keating from The Art of Epic Wellness

Nicole Keating from The Art of Epic Wellness

4 Foundations for a Rich Full Life

"It;s not about time, it's about choices, how are you spending your choices?

-Beverly Adamo

This quote makes me think about rituals.  Why?  Because rituals are making a series of intentional choices that, over time, compound to give you back more time and more resources to put towards your Epic Life.  

I have found that creating rituals in four foundational areas of your life can support you in becoming exactly who you are meant to be.

Epic Fuel

Your body is your temple, but it can feel hard to treat it as such when your life is super full (I love the word "full" versus "busy", like Beverly says, it implies ownership of choices vs. victimhood.)

It does't have to be do hard...

I order for us to experience all of the wonderful things our full lives have to offer us, we must fuel our body in a way that supports our energy and vitality.  It also must fit our lifestyles.  Weekly meal planning has been a game changer for me and I know for you as well because you are here with me reading this!

Once in a while, we may find ourselves in a particularly "full"moment of life without our plan in place. That's when it's great to have a backup plan with some epic "GO TO's".

Nicole's Soup Ninja hack for a balanced healthy meal in a pinch.

Nicole's Soup Ninja hack for a balanced healthy meal in a pinch.

Here is one mine, its called the Soup Ninja:

Annie's Organic Rustic Italian (Always have a few Annie's soups around)

From popping the top to spoon in mouth is 5 minutes.

Add 1/2 finely chopped zucchini (or other veggie of choice)

A handful of fresh organic greens

1/2 an avocado on top

Made healthier by fresh ingredients, but super quick in a pinch.


We all know movement is important, but why you wonder?  Movement actually has a function of transporting our lymph fluids which help move toxins out of our bodies.   Movement also helps us fire up our creativity and focus by connecting synapses in the brain.   What if my life is super full and I don’t have time to move at the same time each day?

No worries busy one...

Create a mini ritual.   For example, every time I go down to fill up my glass with Mountain Valley Spring Water...  I do some squats and leg lifts or calf raises. It takes usually about a minute to fill up the Mason jar. I fill the jars up every day several times a day! 

This has very quickly become a ritual because it is anchored to something I’m already doing! 

 Mini movement 

_______________    = Killer booty!        


Rest & Renewal 

Many of us have a morning ritual I don’t think you can surf the net without crossing some article or meme about how important the morning ritual is. 

What about night rituals?

No wonder it’s so easy to become a hot-mess in a pile of Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s. If you ever find yourself here don’t worry remember what we said in the beginning?

 It’s about choices!   When we make too many decisions throughout the day we wear out our willpower (like an overused muscle).  Which is why it’s so important to establish ritual so it becomes integrated and easy.

 Making less decisions leaves us with more reserves for the work we are meant to be doing in the world whether it be loving and playing with our children or serving our family of clients.  An evening ritual is super important to set you up for the epic day to come!

One of the things I love to do to is put all of my devices on a charging station (outside of my bedroom) after dinner to ensure high quality zzz’s 90 minutes before bed. Sleep is our brain’s time to wash itself and get all cleaned up and organized for the next day….a shutdown habit is an important part of my PM ritual. 

Connection is Everything

 What’s the point to this life if you’re not plugged in to what most matters to you?   We live in a world where we are more connected than ever and yet the loneliness is for real. 

We must pursue intentionality with how we are connecting as well.  A truly happy person feels connected to themselves, to others, to their source and to their mission or purpose.   One way to make sure you’re covering the bare minimum is to write a list of the people in your life that fill up your cup. Anytime you’re feeling lost or lonely you can call upon one of your cup fillers just be sure to fill their cups too and reciprocate the love.

When you make time for Epic Rituals you make better choices so you can spend more time as you choose.  It’s funny how that works…..

Nicole Keating is the creator of The Art of Epic Wellness Podcast and The Epic Rituals Boot Camp Beta. 

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The Epic Rituals Boot Camp

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