6 Recipes Your Kids Should Learn Over Spring Break

Let's talk about keeping the kids occupied during spring break.  I'm just going to get this out there, spring break gives me heartburn.  Trying to fill the week with activities, hoping you don't have to take more time off work than necessary and praying that the kids don't start making cave drawings on their walls with a Sharpie.

It can be a stressful week.  I totally feel it.  So, what can we do about it?

What about teaching your kids a new recipe each day of spring break?

I'm not talking complex recipes, they may not even need supervision.  But, basic recipes that give them a new set of skills and maybe give you an hour of quiet.  Here are 6 recipes your kids could learn this coming spring break that will give them new skills, build confidence and take some of the cooking stress off you that week.  

From Day 1 to Day 6, they can start with the basics and get a little more complex each day.  You can even let them access this post, get the ingredient lists and help you shop.  Make it a week that doesn't feel li the TV was on 80% of the time.

DAY 1  

"No Cook" Lunch

Day 3


Cobb Salad

Day 5


Berry Gummies

Day 2


Cherry Vanilla Bites

Day 4


Bacon Wrapped Bites

Day 6

Pest Shrimp & Creamy Cauliflower

BTW: Here are some of my favorite tools and ingredients that you may want to pick up ahead of time. (these products are linked to Amazon via my affilaite with them)

Knives for Small Hands

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