9 Kitchen Tools I Don't Function Without

Results from this weeks 2-hour meal prep guide. 8 meals, 11 veggies, 6 fruits, 6 proteins and 2 hours of your day to have stress free meals all week.  Try it free by joining the mailing list.

Results from this weeks 2-hour meal prep guide. 8 meals, 11 veggies, 6 fruits, 6 proteins and 2 hours of your day to have stress free meals all week.  Try it free by joining the mailing list.

Two months ago we moved into a temporary apartment in The Pearl in downtown Portland while we figured out where our next home purchase would be.  The up side is that it is fully furnished, in the hear of downtown and has Viking Appliances.  The down side is that the knives suck, the blender is older than I am and I hit constantly hit my head on the corner of the range hood which is just shy of too short. 

As a person in the business of feeding people and helping people feed their families, there were just some things I wasn't able to pack away in our storage unit.  This list is actually longer, but here are my top 9 that I could not have functioned without.

1.  Hand Blender

OMG like every. other. day.  My Calphalon two-speed hand blender also came with a mini food processor cup thingy that the motor attaches to.  I highly recommend this.  Perfect for soups, mashed potato, cauliflower, mixing ice cream base, so many options.  The one I have isn't made anymore, but try this one, Click Here.

2. Food Processor 

I recently purchased a new one.  I'm not going to mention the name because I'm not thrilled with it and it was $199.  However, it is still better than the nothingness that exists in the apartment and I literally take it out 2 times a week at least.

3. Spatula

This may sound weird, but I have some voodoo attachment to my bright orange spatula.  I only use it for non-meat items (not sure why, I'm not kosher).  It is perfect for getting those last bits of yumminess out of the processor.

4. Two Really Good Knives

I have a small serrated knife and a chopping knife that were a gift a while ago.  I keep these in their box so that when we are in a temporary house (this happens often), I have two really good, carbon steel sharp knives that I can turn to.  I'm pretty sure the ones in this apartment are from Wal-Mart, no offense, but it's not the place for knives.  Go get yourself at least one good chopping knife.

5. Veggie Cutting Board

A large solid wood board that is only used for fruits and veggies.  These board should be cleaned with a white vinegar solution often, but even so, have a board sole for fruits and veggies helps control any bacteria that may be floating around your kitchen. Try this one.

6. Measuring Cups & Spoons

I want the entire range of measuring opportunities at my fingertips.  This means that I brought my own stainless steel measuring cups and spoons.  I love the stainless steel because it is easy to clean and sturdy. These are the ones I use, click here.

7. Copper Bowl

Have you ever used a solid copper bowl to whisk eggs into white fluffy peaks?  Copper hold temperature really well.  If you need a very cold bowl, you can stick this in the fridge or freezer before using it.  I'm truly not sure why my copper bowl experience is so much better than others, but it is.  It feels decadent.  One of the best wedding presents we were given. This is it!

8. Silicon Molds

Have you not purchased these yet?  I have big cupcakes, normal cupcakes, ice cube trays, candy molds.  You name it and its either in my pantry or on my wish list.  You can bake, make some of my mini bites, make gummies.  They are versatile and plentiful.  Check these out.

9. Pyrex Containers (15 of them in various sizes)

For all of you meal prep love peeps out there, you know the true value of being prepared for the week with healthy delicious food for the whole family.  Andy know that that won't happen without a wide array of food containers.  I use primarily Pyrex with snap-on lids.  I also have stainless steel lunch containers for Stella, 1-gallon freezer bags and a small amount of little plastic containers.  These are the key to success.