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"What's in your kids lunch?" is one of the most common conversations I have with moms.  It doesn't seem to matter how old their kids are, if they are still in school, the topic comes up again and again and again.  That is why I created this, to take the pressure off the parent (or caregiver), put some responsibility on the child and have lunches that are consistently eaten by your child at school.

The School Lunch Meal Plan & Prep is one of my most popular meal plans and I'm giving it to you as my "Happy Back-to-School" gift.  One of the great things about this meal plan, is that you can easily change up ingredients based on what's available or on sale in your market and have a seasonal rotating menu that your child helped pick out.

Now... I'm going to share a few TIPS

TIP #1:  Below on the left, are links to the packaging, tools and lunch box that my daughter, Stella, has been using since she was about 1 1/2.  She's still using the exact same lunch box, it is indestructible. (pictured above)

TIP #2: Children over 2 can all help in some way.  The older kids can do their own grocery shopping (let them take their own cart or basket with their grocery list while you shop), they can prep under supervision and pack their own lunches the night before or morning of.  Most children 4 and older can help pick their ingredients, chop and mix some of the recipes and can select and pack their lunch each day.  For children under 4, let them watch, talk to them about their options and let them help pack their lunches.

TIP #3: Have fun!  I know food can be stressful with kids, but the more they see you enjoying it and the less they feel forced to enjoy it, the better the experience for everyone.  A love (or at least an appreciation) of whole nutrient dense food will support a healthy foundation for their growing bodies, minds and souls.


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Click here to download the School Lunch Meal Plan & Prep PDF

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