Endurance Nutrition Evolved

Have you read about the 1% performance improvement?  No?

It is a concept in process improvement, which I'm an expert in AND is at the core of my business; though my goal is for you (the user) not realize that and just reap the benefits.

However, when I started down this collaboration with Dr. Melissa Shays and her team at ReSports Wellness, the idea of finding that 1% performance improvement was such a hot topic with what we were creating that we couldn't help but make it a major point in our new program, Endurance Nutrition Evolved.

The 1% performance improvement is a component of kaizen, which is a process by which you break down the elements of a process to it's most basic steps, then ask the question "How can this small single step be improved?".  From there, you start by making tiny (1%) improvements on each element that aggregate to a very large improvement.  Here is an article form the Harvard Business Review interviewing Sir David Brailsford, head of the British Pro Cycling Team.

Still with me?

If you've tried my meal plans before, you know that I take 6-8 recipes each week and provide you with a process to prep those recipes ahead of time (Prep Day) in 2 hours or less. The result is that your week is a WHOLE LOT less stressful AND you FEEL BETTER because you have the right foods ready to eat at your fingertips.  

To create that process, I use the 1% performance improvement method.

Well, today, I am so excited to share the product of taking the hard science from the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the amazing brain of Dr. Melissa Shays merged with my skills for recipe development using specific nutrients and fine tuning the meal prep process.  

The result is the key to finding your 1% performance improvement when it comes to your endurance training.  

We have done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is follow the program, figure out which level of macronutrients you need, download the plan and follow the steps.  

The results mean that you have the right food, at the right time resulting in better performance.

Short of having a full-time nutritionist and private chef, this is the key to taking your performance to the next level.

Not an endurance athlete?  Not to worry.  We are already in the works creating programs for other types of athletes, pregnancy and postpartum, healing and recovery and nutrient sensitivity.  In the meantime, trying our Weekly Meal Plan & Prep is an ideal way to start focusing on the foundation of a healthy life while also picking up some new kitchen skills and learning how to optimize your time in the kitchen.