Got kids? Got Thanksgiving?... Send your kids on a Solar System Adventure on Turkey Day!



Looking for something fun and interesting for your kids to do during Thanksgiving dinner? Try a space adventure!

Hi! I’m Laura from Starship Family Journey

Over the years, my husband and I have tried a lot of different ways to get our kids interested in the things that we love; technology, space, science fiction, and a better future. Through trial and error, we created Starship Family Journey to help parents encourage their kids to dream about this stuff too. Here’s how you can use our FREE 5-day Solar System Adventure over the Thanksgiving weekend. And beyond!

When you sign up for the Solar System Adventure, you get a ton of downloadable (PDF) content to print out and use to help make your holiday fun and space-y. Pick out the activities that are most interesting to you and your kids. 

My favorite printable in the set is our Map of the Solar System Coloring Placemat! It prints on two 8.5” by 11” pieces of paper that you can connect with clear tape or cute washi tape. I recommend printing at least one set (one placemat) for each child. Encourage your kiddo to tape the two halves together. She/he may want to color it right away - that’s cool - just print out more copies ;) You can even laminate it like I did! The placemat will keep them coloring for quite some time while learning a bit about the planets, asteroids, and other objects in our solar system. Yay!

Next up is our Starship Naming Kit. The pages guide you and your kids through brainstorming what your starship would be like, naming, drawing, and decorating your starship. 

Kids can think of their favorite words to describe their starship. If your child is too young to write, she/he can draw pictures on the cards and have you label them with the words they picture. Using these words and drawings, cut out squares. Everyone can arrange and re-arrange the words (like magnetic poetry games) until you have a few words to name your starship. Some examples I’ve seen are “the Infinity Cruiser,”  “Pink Princess Unicorn,” or “Blue Lightning.” My daughter named her starship the “Pink Polka dot Rocket.”

If dinner conversation gets slow, speed things up again with our conversation starters. Just print them out and pop them in your pocket. Maybe even amaze the family with a few interesting Solar System facts. (The conversation starter pages are a major part of our Starship Family Journey membership)

If you like using the Solar System Adventure for Thanksgiving, keep using it throughout the week. You can find Solar System themed activities, recipes, and adventures for you and your kids in the free 5-day content. And for weekly adventures, join our Starship Family Journey monthly membership. 

Remember, we are all part of the Universe! We’re traveling on Starship Earth together. 

So this Thanksgiving use Starship Family Journey to help your kids be aware and thankful for being part of our amazing Universe. I know that my family and I are :)

Happy Thanksgiving,

Laura, Your Starship Captain

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