How To Use Trello with Meal Plan & Prep

Today is the official launch of Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty Meal Plan & Prep for Trello.  I was turned on to Trello by Boss-Mom, Dana Malstaff, who offers a Free Trello Training Seminar on the ins and outs of Trello.  I was totally inspired and knew I could use this free tool to help my clients manage the food part of their lives with less stress.  Face it, our smartphones are our personal assistants, so anything that lets us manage life's responsibilities via that assistant is totally awesome.

Try the Weekly Meal Plan & Prep FREE on Trello 

5 Simple Steps:

1. Sign-up for the mailing list (bottom left of this page)

2. Sign-up for a free Trello account.  Click Here, or go to your app store and search "Trello"

3. Watch this "How To Use Trello with Meal Plan & Prep" Video below this list.

4. Click on the Trello Link in your email.

5. Copy the Board and GO!