Meal Prep When S**t Hits the Fan

Does meal prep sound like an awesome idea, but you just don't know how your going to do it?  Creating a habit of weekly meal prep takes time and effort, just like any other change or new skill learned.  However, the benefits for you and your family can last a lifetime and be a core part of your health and wellness.

However, sometimes s**t hits the fan.  Maybe you're sick, baby is sick, there was a big game that you didn't want to miss.  Something happened and now you have little to no time to meal prep.  How do you make sure that your week is not a total fail?

Spend 5 minutes with Sam as she shares with you how you can take a meal plan and just focus on the core items that will give you a jump start for your week and give you the flexibility to complete the rest of the prep during the week.