The Whole30: 8 Ways Not to Eff Up the Whole30

The Whole30: 8 Ways Not to Eff Up The Whole30

I’ve done a few Whole30’s.  Some were good, some didn’t even last 3 days and at least one sucked the whole way through.  So, I figure, I’ve got an opportunity to dig into what works, what doesn’t and why on earth you should probably try this at least once in your life. 

Oh… and, I break it all down for you with step-by-step meal plans that are not just “here are your recipes, go figure it out”, but rather weekly menus, itemized grocery lists, easy prep day instructions and super simple day of guides.  #nojoke, you want to get into this.

FIRST, let’s be real about this.  If you don’t plan for the Whole30, you will FAIL the Whole30.  99% of the bitching, complaining and feelings of moral failure that I hear from people (and at least once from myself) is due to a total lack of planning. 

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." B. Franklin

Ben Franklin said it best, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

So, before you get all, “OMG, I’m starting a Whole30 tomorrow and it’s going to be awesome and everything will be perfect because I’ll lose all the weight”, STOP.  BREATH.  And let’s plan.


Look at your calendar and schedule your Whole30 start date on a day that truly works for you.  Keep in mind that BEFORE day one of your Whole30, you will want to plan your food, grocery shop and do some meal prep. 

Now that you have scheduled your start date, it’s time to tell your people about it.  I’m being serious.  If you live with someone, tell them that you are doing a Whole30, invite them to do it with you (if it feels right to you). Let them know that this is important to you, that you are doing this for yourself and that, even if they are not joining you on the ride, it would be so powerful if they could support you.

That brings us to the next step…


Let your close family and friends know you’re doing a Whole30 and ask them to support you on this journey (maybe you’ll even pick up a Whole30 buddy).

TIP:  We run a Whole30 support group at least once a year, so if you want a community of strong women and men to support your journey, be sure to subscribe so you get notified of our next team Whole30 challenge.  (BTW: these are totally free and uber supportive) 

Time to plan your menu.  This is where Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty ROCKS.  You can opt-in to our Whole30 Meal Plans and get 30 days of Whole30 menus TOTALLY FREE

Not joking, this is where so many people either fail or get so bored by their experience. Coming up with new recipes, or taking the time to find them, is time consuming and some people are just not that into it.

So, we do it for you.  And these are no joke, awesome meal plans with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for your week, all packaged up in a pretty little PDF or via Trello App.


Plan your menu.  Either by downloading our complete and compliant Whole30 Meal Plan (link above) and Prep Guides, or by creating your own.

TIP: Save time by planning 4 weeks (plus a couple days) of menus at once.


Make a grocery List.  So many people miss this step.  They make their menu, but don’t take the time to make a grocery list.

MEGA TIP: Shop your pantry BEFORE you shop the store.  It will save you some serious money.


Meal Prep.  Now, if you’ve accessed our Whole30 Compliant Meal Plan & Prep Guides, then your step-by-step prep day guide is done for you.  However, if not, you want to take some time to think about which steps in your recipes you can do ahead of time.  This includes any chopping, marinating or mixing.

Crockpot recipes, cooking and packing lunches and any breakfasts you can make in bulk ahead of time will ensure that you are prepared and don’t end up spending 45 minutes of your 60 minute lunch break trying to order off a menu that sucks anyway.

By making food easily available to you, you are more likely to succeed.  So, do Prep Day!

Step 6

DON’T GO HUNGRY.  You will be hangry and you will be more likely to fail.  I promise.  This is not about eating at a calorie deficit.  This is about listening to your body (which most of us have forgotten how to do) and allowing it to que you when it’s time to fuel. 

This is NOT about eating like a bird for 30 days, because, I will tell you what, you will put weight back on so fast (if that is your goal) and you will just feel like crap.  So, eat.  Please.


Feel all the feels.  This might sound a bit woo-woo, but your body will go through a lot of stages during the Whole30.  Read up on them ahead of time.  Know where you are in the stage and acknowledge your successes. 

For many people, this is the beginning of a deep dive into personal lifestyle choices.  You may be seriously asking yourself how you will go back to eating crap.  Many people feel so amazing, by the end, that they don’t want it to stop.  This is an opportunity to really think about how you feel, what you want from your body and how you are going to move forward feeling your best.


Plan your Post Whole30 Party.  I don’t mean a binging party where you eat #allthecake.  I mean, what are you going to do on Day 31?  Will you slowly add foods back in, or will you continue with a Whole30 lifestyle and see how you feel?  The Whole30 is not meant to be a long-term program. 

It is meant to give you insight into your body, bring you back to a baseline, then give you an opportunity to add foods back in slowly and see how you react.

Check out this post Whole30 road map.

The Whole30 site has some great info on this. If you are truly ready to make improvements in your life when it comes to your health and the Whole30 feels right for you, then I suggest you take this seriously because it is not about this brief 30 days of your life, it is about this one life you are blessed to live. 

Take it seriously, treat it well and think about how you want to experience each moment.  


Sam Rodgers, The Mom Behind the Plans

Are you ready? Be prepared with our complete Whole30 Meal Plan & Prep Series.  We will give you all the support to make it through your Whole30 with 35 days of support including:

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