ECCD 101 | The H's & W's of Meal Prep

Are you thinking that meal prep might be the solution to pull you out of survival mode when it comes to the food part of your life?  Not sure where to start and want to learn the basics?  

Go through this mini video series to learn more and see if meal prep will work in your life.


The first step to breaking out of survival mode if finding your "WHY".  Often, we find ourselves hitting rock bottom before that can happen.  Check this out.


WHO Meal Preps?  Isn't that only for athletes and obsessive compulsive people?  NO WAY!  Creating these healthy habits now will not only make your life easier, but will give everyone in your family a strong foundation for lifelong healthy habits.


So... WHAT is Meal Prep?  This mythical thing that might sound overwhelming, is really just a new skill that will give you more time, improved overall health and can save you money.


WHEN do you meal prep?  How do you make time to get this done?


WHERE do you meal prep?  You might think this is a simple answer, but it is an important one.


Now that we've gone through this journey, HOW on earth do you meal prep?  Let's dig in to the strategy.