Chronic disease is the MOST EXPENSIVE part of health care costs.

Chronic Disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States.

(7 out of 10 deaths are related to chronic disease)

The illnesses that encompass chronic disease are among THE MOST PREVENTABLE conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, asthma and cancer.

The CDC estimates that 45% of the U.S. population has at least one chronic disease costing employers five times more than an employee without a chronic disease.

(an average cost of $6,032 per employee)

Let's face it, health care costs are one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST COST affecting the bottom line of small businesses and corporations that are self-insured.

There are four key factors that can prevent, reduce and/or reverse chronic disease: early detection, treatment therapy, exercise and food. 

Food is where we come in.

Teach Instead of Treat

Nutrition is a key factor to reducing or eliminating an employees chronic disease.

By implementing a whole food education program, your company can cut health care costs more than $4,800 (on average) per year per employee.

But, this doesn't happen overnight and it requires a strong action plan.

Our philosophy is to focus on teaching so you can stop treating.

Our society has lost the art of cooking (and enjoying) real food. 

With our program, your team can rediscover the joy of CONSISTENTLY EATING REALLY GOOD (and healthy) food that will put them on the track to a healthier life with lower health care costs.

We will Teach your team:

About Whole Nutrient Dense Foods

How to Shop for Whole Nutrient Dense Food

Meal Prep Skills to Reduce Time in the Kitchen

Recipes that are Delicious AND Healthy



This is not just about education, it is about tools that make it easier to produce results.

Tools, including:

52-Weeks of Seasonal Meal Plans with Prep Guides

Live Presentations with Whole Food Cooking Demonstrations

Meal Prep Video Library

Weekly Newsletters

Rewards Program to Encourage Participation

Our Group Programs are designed to fit your needs and your budget.  We work with you to understand your company culture, your financial goals when it comes to reducing health care costs and how you want to support your employees. 

From there, we give you options that are designed around your requirements.

We use Thinkific as our primary mode of delivery, as well as email.  You will have your own custom program within Thinkific that your employees will have access to.

In addition to the digital program, you can add tools that you feel will provide value to your employees and support your overall goals.

Are you ready to see how we can improve your bottom line?  Start with a Fact Finding Call with Founder, Sam Rodgers.