Watch this video first...

. . . no more guesswork

. . . no more measuring or weighing

. . . no more artificial foods

. . . no more stress around your nutrition

  • Be able to focus on your training knowing your nutrition is on point

  • Have the right quantity of whole nutrient dense food at your fingertips

  • AND, gain energy and feel amazing while you strive for your next PR.

Maybe You . . .

Have been stuck in your performance, have low energy  and are not seeing consistent improvement, but are not sure what to do about it.

Maybe You . . .

Feel confused about all the information and products on the market.

Maybe You . . .

Want to dial in your nutrition, but are not sure what specific steps to take when to make that happen.

Wonder how you will ever see a signifigant change in your performance when it comes to your next race.

Maybe You . . .

Are scared about the time commitment required to achieve your goals.

Maybe You . . .

After listening to athletes concerns when it comes to training, fueling and performing better, we knew that the only way to see real improvement in performance was to create a step-by-step guide to get you there.

If hiring a full time nutritionist and chef is not a possibility for you, then Endurance Nutrition Evolved is your key to performing at your best. 

The key to performance improvement is breaking down the components that go into your training, Endurance Nutrition Evolved is your nutrition component, giving you the step-by-step tools to make your nutrition work for your training.

How does this program work?

How many hours per week does it take?

AND, does it taste good?

So, you might be wondering . . .


We pulled data from the International Society of Sports Nutrition to define what an endurance athlete needs to fuel their training, then headed to the kitchen developing mouth watering recipes that meet your nutrition needs.

From there, we used our expertise in process improvement to create a simple east-to-follow weekly meal prep guide to make ALL your food for the week in 2 HOURS.

That's right, 2 HOURS in the kitchen per week and you will FUEL YOUR BODY ALL WEEK. 

And the answer is . . . 

Endurance Nutrition Evolved, includes:

Many nutrition programs, just give you a meal plan, then expect you to figure out how to implement it.  We take it to the next level because we know, that making a change in your nutrition requires learning some new skills.  So, we have included short videos and "how to" guides that will walk you through the program, help you decide which level of macro nutrients you will needs and show you how to make it happen.

Sample Menu image.jpg

Done For You

Simple easy-to-follow Meal Plans & Prep with Sample Daily Menus Based on your training schedule, Itemized Grocery Lists and So much more.

With tools such as:

  • Introduction Video to Nutrition and Endurance Training.
  • The 4 Steps to Successfully Integrate the Program Into Your Life
  • How to Maximize Your Time in Meal Prep
  • "Which Level Are You?" Guide to Finding the Right Macronutrients for You
  • How to Plan Your Meal Prep
  • Adjusting for Variety & Diet Restrictions
  • 4 Meal Plan & Prep Guides Created for Different Macronutrients Needs
  • Bonus Recipes

You get LIFETIME access to the entire program PLUS a free 15-minute "Jump Start" call with Sam Rodgers to help you incorporate meal prep into your training.

For Only $79

Nailing your nutrition is more than just picking recipes that seem to have the right macronutrient ratio, its about looking at the science and extracting not just macronutrients, but timing, quantity and including those micronutrients that we now know are a key component to overall nutrition and performance.  

We have done that work for you and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for?