Common Questions & Answers

How does this program work?

Every Friday, we send you a Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guide for the following week.  Included is a Weekly Menu, Grocery List, Recipe List, Sunday Prep Strategy and Day of Instructions.

You spend 2-3 hours 1 x per week, following the Sunday Prep Strategy so that you spend little to no time cooking the rest of the week.  Meals are either fully prepared and packaged ready to eat, or require minimal cooking, or re-heating.

Why would I do this?

If you are in charge of the food in your house, you know it can be stressful, expensive, take time and be a challenge to consistently feed everyone healthy meals.

With the Meal Plan & Prep Guide you will:

  • Have Clean Healthy Meals Planned for You
  • Increase Family Time
  • Decrease Kitchen Time
  • Save Money
  • Have Delicious Meals Prepared and Ready to Eat

What does the Meal Plan & Prep Guide include?

  • Weekly Menu, grouped by department.
  • Shopping List 
  • Recipes 
  • Sunday Strategy, outlining how and what to prep on Sunday (or your meal prep day)
  • Day Of Instructions, short instructions on what you are cooking the day of service.  2-3 recipes are always fully cooked on Prep Day and ready to eat in your fridge.

How many people do the recipes feed?

  • 4 Dinners, 4-6 Servings Each
  • 2 Lunches, 2 Servings Each
  • 1 Breakfast, 4 Servings
  • 1 Snack, 4 Servings

What is the average weekly cost of groceries?

Groceries are typically $125-200, which includes a combination of Organic and non-Organic foods.  The use of Organic foods is a family choice; we do not specify either on our recipes.  If you choose non-Organic, you can reduce the cost of your groceries.

However, if you do want some suggestions of key foods to purchase Organic, get in touch.  

We try not to use very expensive proteins such as Ahi Tuna, Wagyu Beef etc in our Weekly Plans, instead we would rather give you recipes using expensive ingredients as an additional perk; so you can choose to make them as a bonus recipe.  These are made available in the "Additional Downloads & Links" section of My ECCD page.

Additionally, we are here to help you find substitutes that don't work for your family.  

Why aren't there 7 days worth of recipes?

Most families do not eat at home 100% of their week.  Whether it is working late, family dinners, soccer practice or other happenings, we generally find a few meals each week that are not prepared at home.  The 4 Dinner recipes are meant to provide dinner and maybe left-overs for families of 4 or less, allowing you to have additional lunch and breakfast options during the week.  The goal is to not have food waste, save time and money.

If you have a larger family or are having company, use the recipe list to increase the quantity of groceries you need per the recipe.

What is the Clean, or Paleo Philosophy?

Eating Clean, or Paleo is not a new concept.  In fact, it may be called the Original Meal Plan as defined by our biology.  Eating a Clean diet, means taking out processed foods such as grain, refined sugar and chemically processed foods.  Paleo is gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and mostly dairy free.  By cutting out these processed foods, your body can find better digestive health, weight balance, clearer skin, decreased illness, improved sleep and more consistent energy, just to name a few benefits.

What the difference between Clean 100 & Clean 80/20? 

Clean 100 is a 100% Paleo and G-Free program.  You will not see rice, starchy potatoes, processed foods and very little dairy.

Clean 80/20, will give you a menu that is 80% Clean foods and 20% Dirty foods.  Dirty recipes are those that may contain grain, gluten, use more dairy and a broader use of potatoes and other starchy foods.  

Which program should I choose?

Great news!  You don't have to commit to one.  Each week, you will have access to all of the weeks' guides and choose the one that best fits your family.  If you usually stick to Clean 100, but the Clean 80/20 has rice and that's ok with you, you can pick that one for the week.

Why offer an 80/20 Clean/DirtyPlan?

Going strict Paleo or Gluten Free can be a challenge for a lot of people.  If you are very active, you may need additional carbohydrates or fat sources that an 80/20 can provide.  Families with picky eaters may have an easier time with the Clean 80/20.

If you are like me, you may be able to reap the benefits of a Clean diet if you stick to at least 80% Clean eating, with the flexibility to have a Dirty meal now and then.

Terms & Conditions

HEALTH INFORMATION DISCLAIMER: Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty provides information only, not medical advice. None of the content in this document prevents, cures or treats any medical condition. You are responsible for you and your child(ren)’s own well-being, actions and results. Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty expressly disclaims any liability for your reliance on any opinions or advice contained our programs and website

What is the cost of Membership?

There are two plans to choose from:

$13 Monthly Plan  |  Billed monthly

$99 Annual Plan  |  Billed annually, this is our most popular plan.  Over 30% savings from the monthly plan.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a Cleaner plate?  

Pick a plan to get immediate access to the Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides plus additional downloads, videos and perks of membership.

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