Eating with Purpose

With the success of the ECCD weekly meal plans for families, we also saw a need for specific programs to support an individuals health and wellness goals. ECCD is proud to offer existing programming for a variety of needs as well as the ability to create completely customized programs as well. 

Our Programs

Feeding the Athlete

Feeding Mom

Nutrient Sensitivity

Healing & Recovery

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Performance with an Edge

ECCD is proud to have partnered with ReSports and Dr. Melissa Shays to bring you whole food nutrition plans designed with the specific athlete in mind. These programs are will give you step-by-step meal plans, grocery lists, prep day instructions and day of instructions for all your meals each week. In addition, there are video on topics including: introduction to the program, why whole food nutrition is best for performance, intro to meal prep, basic how to prep guide. 

Each program includes a worksheet with a video to help you decide which level of nutrition you need and all levels are available within the program so you can adjust your nutrition easily to fit your changing needs. 

The first of these programs is for the Endurance Athlete.

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Building a Strong Foundation

Giving our children a strong foundation in whole food nutrition starts while they are still growing in mama's belly.  Expecting postpartum mothers have a unique opportunity to make an enormous impact on their child's long term health through their food choices during pregnancy and postpartum.  

While it is not about being "perfect", it is about making consistently whole food choices that make a positive impact on the health of both mom and baby.

There will be a pregnancy program and a postpartum one that can be purchased separately or as a bundle.  This will be a weekly guide with menus containing whole nutrient dense recipes, that can are incredibly delicious while supporting mom and baby.

This program is scheduled to launch in October 2017.

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Discover Your Body's Baseline

Before investing in one of these programs, we recommend an evaluation by a health care professional who can refer you to the program that fits your needs best. These are for people who have been dealing with allergies, digestive complications or other challenges and have been prescribed an elimination diet of some kind. We are always adding new programs, but always recommend using these with the support of your health care provider.

You or your health care provider are welcome to reach out to use to answer questions the programs.  

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Healing Body, Mind & Soul

Recovering from surgery, injury, loss or a combination of the three can be hard both mentally and physically. These plans are designed to support the other steps your care provider has prescribed for your healing journey.  While our programs use whole nutrient dense food,  we still recommend using them with the support of your health care provider.

The first plan "Recovery Post Surgery" will be focused on easy to digest nutrient dense inflammatory foods that support gut health, physical well-being and mental clarity.

Recovery Post Surgery is scheduled to release in October 2017.  Join the waiting list now to be the first to know about this program.