We make an effort to collect all the questions people ask us about how to make good food happen quickly and simply in their kitchen.  That list becomes the inspiration for our video series, Meal Prep Tips and Kitchen Basics.  Here are a few of our most popular videos.  Pick the ones that you want to know about!

Sensible Snacks

Snacks are a big deal.  Sometimes we just need something quick and sometimes we are feeding the hangry beast in ourselves or our children.  Having simple delicious snacks that you can make in bulk ahead of time and enjoy at home or on the go are key.  Check out these favorites in case you missed my email yesterday!

 Just click on the images that entice you for the full recipes, tips and tools.

Cherry Pie Gummies

(Yum! for the whole family)

Black Cherry Chia Pudding

Easy, delicious and fun to eat.

Square Trifecta

A Pop of flavor and totally portable

Bacon Wrapped Bites

Savory and mouth waterings

The School Lunch Plan is an awesome way to get your kids to take ownership over their food while still making sure they have choices you can be proud of.  Be sure to download it if you missed it yesterday!

If you missed the stocked pantry guides yesterday, download today!  

It is so awesome and makes shopping in bulk and filling your pantry with killer products a breeze.

Want to know more about going digital with your grocery list and meal prep?  

Check out these additional resources.

If you haven't downloaded the meal plan yet, we've included it here.

How the Meal Plan is designed:

  • Each recipe is assigned a number that you can find in the Menu on the first page.
  • That number follows that recipe through the document.
  • If you do not want to cook one of the recipes, do not purchase groceries with that recipes' number, or complete prep day instructions with that recipes' number.
  • Check out the video for more detail instructions.

TIP: Keep the Day Of Instructions in your kitchen, or easily accessible during your week.

Seasonal. Simple. Whole Food.

Are you ready to increase family time, decrease kitchen time and still feed your family delicious healthy meals?  

Each of our program options includes:

  • Access to the Sam, the Mom behind the plans for questions, substitutions and feedback 
  • Tips, Tricks and Tools to living a Clean Paleo, or G-Free Lifestyle
  • School Lunch Plan & Prep to help you send your child to school with healthy kid-approved meals
  • Additional Clean Eating Menus including: BBQ, Chinese, Egg Free Breakfasts and more.


Each week, you get to choose from these three menu types.

100% Clean, or Paleo Meal Plans

CLEAN 80/20
80% Clean, or Paleo Meals with 20% Dirty, or Meals that may contain Wheat, Gluten, Dairy

Meal prep in 60 minutes or less

Pick the program that works best for you!  

(If you don't love this in the first 30 days, we will give you a FULL refund.)