Let's work together to make a bigger impact

First, thank you for stopping by.  I reached out to you not only because our brands align, but because I truly believe that I can make a positive impact in your life and the lives of your audience.

I'm on a mission is to give families the tools they need to THRIVE.  At the core, this begins with food.  Good food.  Food that provides macro and micro nutrients we need to not only SURVIVE but to THRIVE

The first tool to accomplish this is the Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides.  Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty started as a subscription-based meal plan & prep service.  Today is has become much more.

As I often say, there are so many things in this life that we DON'T need; FOOD is NOT one of those things.  

Nutrient-dense food must be one of the core facets of self and family care, without it obesity, cancer, thyroid imbalance, heart problems and other health deficiencies will keep increasing.  Right?  Since you are on this page, you most likely know as much and more than I do about how true this really is.  Food needs to be the first defense for a healthy life and should not come in to play once we are already sick, but should be a part of our entire lives.

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When it comes to food

We say NO to...

Fad Diets


Heavily Processed Foods

Obsessive Calorie Counting

We say YES to...

Choosing, Preparing and Eating Whole Nutrient-Dense Foods

Preparing Simple Delicious Meals for the Whole Family

Eating Meals Together

Making Nutrition a Family Affair


When it comes to family

We say NO to...

Not Having a Support System 

Feeling Overwhelmed

Surviving Not Thriving

We say YES to...

Self care being part of family care

Using our Strengths to Support Our Weaknesses

Setting Actionable Intentions for Ourselves AND Our Family

If you want to change someone’s life, start by changing their day.

If you want to change the world, start with one family.

By making small changes that compound on top of each other, we can teach and train ourselves to make better choices, learn new skills (& habits) and teach those skills (& habits) to our family in order to effect a change that can last for generations.

I have reached out to you because I want to change the world, but I will NOT do that alone, nor do I want to; flying solo is not the way. Please take some time to discover the tools and information on this page, reach out to ask questions, then let's connect to discuss the endless possibilities we have to work together to change the world one family at a time.

It's time to explore the basics

Go deeper

Let's collaberate

Are you ready to dig in to how we can support each other and spread our messages?  Here are just a few ways I love to work with others.  However, there are no limits, if you have an idea that I haven't listed, then hit me up and let's discuss the opportunity.

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  • Public Speaking Events
  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Book Collaborations
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  • Recipe Development