From here, you can access:

  • This Weeks Plan & Prep Guide
  • The School Lunch Plan & Prep Guide
  • Mini Guides, Tips & Tricks, and the Stocked Pantry, a guide to prepare your kitchen for Paleo and Gluten Free Cooking

If you have never done a Prep Day as part of your weekly meal planning, questions may come up.  Do not hesitate to get in touch.  The bottom right of this page gives you quick links to get in touch.

Tips Etc

Check this out before you dive into the menus:

  • Meals #1-#3 are dinners designed to have 1-2 portions leftover for lunches if you are feeding 4 people.

  • Meal #4 & #5 is lunch (meant to go together), #6 is breakfast, #7 is a snack or dessert.

  • Dairy is optional.

  • Simplify your week: If you need more food, double up on recipes.


This Weeks Plan & Prep


Whole 30 Menus


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