Become an Affiliate

You are awesome!  There are a lot of partnership opportunities out there and the fact that you are even considering joining the ECCD Affiliate program means so much to us.  Our partnerships basically fall in to three categories, pick the one that best fits you and let's start our journey together.

Love Meal Prep & I Want to Share

Do you love meal prep, or maybe you think you will?  If you are ready to "Share the Love" with your Tribe, then this is for you.  We will give you the easy-to-use tools and resources so you can easily "Share the Love".

Fits with My Biz & I Want to Promote

Are you part of the Health and Wellness online community and want to share our program?  As an Affiliate, you want to be able to promote the Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides with your community, and maybe even run a challenge via your social media or email list so you can share the wonders of Meal Prep.

Health & Wellness Professionals/Facilities

Do you own a health and wellness facility?  Crossfit gyms, Nutritionists, Yoga Studios and Consultants are all invited to learn more about how our Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides can be incorporated into your programming to give your members or clients long term support for the food side of their health and wellness.  Not just for the individual, this subscription-based program goes one step further to encompass the whole family.  Our Members want to achieve and maintain health, they also want to do that for their families.  The whole family approach to wellness is perfect regardless of the size of a family.