ECCD Winter Cookbook

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ECCD Winter Cookbook


The Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty Cookbook is here!  

Do you feel stress, anxiety or overwhelm when it comes to food?

It is time to discover the power of real food.

  • Select recipes that support the foundation that allows you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Learn how to save time and money by consistently preparing simple yet delicious recipes using seasonal ingredients.
  • Get family-friendly recipes that you AND your kids will love.
  • Improve how you fuel your body and enhance your overall health.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and inadequacy when it comes to all things food.

This journey is not always easy, and sometimes we will still eat all the cake, but if we can come back to that foundation more often than not, we can stay on the path of an amazing healthy life.

Let Sam Rodgers and Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty be a tool in your kitchen as you venture on this path that is all about living the one life that we love in the one body we are proud of.  Her seasonal cookbooks include recipes that are made with real, unprocessed ingredients and yet, are easy to prepare and family friendly.

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Are you in love with ECCD and want to share the recipes?  Or, maybe you just want them for yourself.

Now you can own a printed full-color cookbook with almost 100 seasonal winter recipes from Sam Rodgers and Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty.  This cookbook is a perfect tool in your winter kitchen to help you prepare and serve delicious meals that your family will love using seasonal ingredients that are typically less expensive because they are plentiful.

This is our first printed cookbook available to purchase outside of our programs.  Spring, Summer and Autumn cookbooks are available if you purchase our Elite Program: 52-Weeks of Seasonal Meal Plans with Prep Guides.

This makes the perfect kitchen companion for anyone wanting to improve how they feed themselves and their family.