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What began with a vision to consistently feed my family whole nutrient dense foods that they loved without spending hours in the kitchen each day, has turned into a thriving business helping not only other families do the same, but also supporting individuals with specialized nutrition needs and health & wellness professional who want whole food nutrition plans designed around their own programs to share with their clients.  


This is a labor of love driven to help others find health and wellness with a foundation of damn good food.

Which one fits you best?

Feed the Family

Feeding the Family

Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides for families who want to eat well.  Our program gives you the tools you need to have simple delicious recipes at your fingertips week after week.

Feed the Individual

Feeding the Individual

Whether you are an athlete, healing from an illness or loss, or have food intolerances, we have specialized plans already created, but also work one-on-one to create customized plans.

Feed Your Clients

feeding your clients

You provide support and guidance to your clients, but recipe development and meal plan programming would give your clients to added tools they need to succeed in their health and wellness goals.