Work with Me

Deciding that the Meal Plan & Prep strategy is the right option for your family, or for your clients, is the first step to successfully making a shift in how you feed your family, or how you help your clients feed their families.  

I have five different programs that help clients increase family time and decrease kitchen time without sacrificing clean delicious food.  

Which one is right for you?

STEP 1: Take a quick tour of each one, then reach out to me and let me know which one might fit you.  

STEP 2: We will then schedule a 15 minute call (absolutely FREE)  to discuss your needs and see if this is truly the right fit.


1:1 Coaching

For many, signing up for Weekly Meal Plan & Prep Guides is only the starting point.  

Now, it's time to change the way you think about food and how you spend your weeknights.  

The ECCD Resource Library is extremely helpful with videos, tutorials and tools, but for that extra push, take advantage of my 30-Day Plan & Prep Kickstarter where you get one-on-one access to me, my strategy anomy top secret tools.

1:Many Group Classes

I LOVE helping people face-to-face.  Whether it is in person, via Skype, FB Live or any other media source, connecting with people in a group gives everyone (including myself) an opportunity to learn, share and grow our perspectives.

If you are part of an organization, team, school or just a group of friends interested in learning more about Eating Clean while tasting healthy bites and sipping some wine (if you're over 21), then reach out to me and let me share how I can make your next event fun, informative and full of meaningful takeaways. 

In House Prep Services

Are you committed to eating, but truly don't have the extra time?  Or maybe, you are one of those who deeply dislikes being in the kitchen.  Let me and my team take over Prep Day for you.  (Currently Servings the Greater Portland, Oregon Area)  

We have your groceries delivered and show up on a prep-determined schedule to prep your meals for the week.  My team will leave your kitchen clean and your fridge stocked with everything you need to make your week less stressful and full of delicious food.

Fitness Affiliate Program

You work hard to help your clients reach their fitness goals.  You've run Whole30 and 21Day Sugar Detox competitions with some good results, but how do you help keep your clients and their families on track for the long term?

Where can you give Value Add AND Add to Your Bottom Line?

The Fitness Affiliate program is meant for any fitness facility including: Crossfit Gyms, Yoga, Barre, Boxing Gyms

If your clients are searching for that long term whole food component that includes their families' nutrition, this is your solution.  

Wellness Affiliate Program 

As a Wellness Professional, you improve peoples lives everyday through nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

But, what does the longterm look like for your client s food strategy?  Have your clients learned how to feed themselves AND their families? 

Let Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty help you give your clients the long term tools to stay committed to the life change that you've already helped them achieve.